South Africa 2019

I went to South Africa in 2019 with a friend to see and photograph wildlife. We spent almost three weeks getting to and staying in a couple locations in South Africa. Here are a few highlights of the over 2300 photos. Feel free to leave comments or correct any of my animal/bird identifications.

The first cheetah. They are easy to photograph as they rarely move except when hunting.

Zulu Nyala in the KwaZulu-Natal area

Excursions in the area


We were in hut 13, a lucky number

With Hayden from Outdoor-Africa as our guide, we traveled from Zulu Nyala through Eswatini (Swaziland), where we spent one night in a hut before heading up to the the timeshare located near Hazyview


We stayed at a timeshare I traded for called Sabi River Sun, located a short drive to Kruger National Park. We saw the last of the big five (leopard) here as well as male lions (among many other animals and birds)

Leopard on the hunt. Last of Big 5 and the only one spotted on a game drive

Excursions in the area