Day 6 – Through Ngorongoro to the Western part of the Serengeti

After breakfast at the Marera Valley Lodge, we headed off to our next lodge, the stunning Lahia Tented Lodge (pronounced LA-HE-A), in the Western part of the Serengeti. We drove through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and took a few photos at an overlook. We came back to this site later in the trip. We stopped for lunch at an airstrip (i.e., bathroom facilities) and then at the Visitor Center, where Michael had to have a repair made to the truck. Some cute birds and animals at the visitor center, and a tour. There is nothing like the American’s With Disability Act in Tanzania, so there were many uneven steps and rare handrails. While we were there a downpour came through, but was done before repairs were finished. Then off to a very bumpy ride to the lodge, spotting some animals along the way.

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