Day 0 – Getting to Tanzania

It is a long trip from California to Tanzania. We flew from Fresno to Salt Lake City to Amsterdam and finally Kilimanjaro. It is about 24 hours on the plane, plus layovers, customs, security and 9 hours of time change. We left Fresno at 10 am on 10/26/2021 and arrived at Kilimanjaro at 10 pm 10/27/2021. Outdoor Africa made all our travel arrangements (except flights). Our guide, Michael, was from Tanzania Safari Bug. He is an excellent guide and has GPS built into his brain. Very handy out in the bush.

The story of Tangawizi: Kathy bought Tangawizi for her husband when their cat, Dr. Phil, passed. Her husband wasn’t enthralled with the gift so we thought it would be fun to take her with us. Her name, Tangawizi, is Swahili for Ginger. I know most ginger cats are male, but I think she is female. She was a hit everywhere we went. They don’t have very many house cats, just lots of dogs. I thought some of the staff were going to take her! Apparently she scared some of the folks who cleaned our rooms as I forgot to turn her off. She purrs and meows and rolls over – watch a short video of her in action. As it turned out our guide has a 5 year old daughter so Tangawizi found her forever home with her.

Tangawizi with her forever owner

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